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Bai Yun trains with cub Su Lin, San Diego Zoo

Mei Sheng, second cub born at the San Diego Zoo, at eight months

Bai Yun with cub Yun Zi at San Diego Zoo, May, 2010

Hao Hao, daughter of Hua Mei and grandaughter of Bai Yun, born in July 2009 at Bifengxia Panda Base, China.

San Diego Zoo’s unnamed nine-week-old giant panda cub flexes the muscles in his arms as he lifts up his chest and head during a weekly veterinary exam last Thursday. Veterinarians expect the cub to begin to crawl in the next two to six weeks as his muscles continue to develop.

Zhen Zhen, San Diego Zoo

gpXi Lan, Zoo Atlanta

Fu Long cavorts with Yang Yang, Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Vienna.

Xi Lan learns ‘boo munching etiquette from Lun Lun, Zoo Atlanta.

gpXi Lan, Zoo Atlanta