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Andy’s choice for Red Panda of the Year

Bastille Day + 1, Zoo de Lille, France

Red panda twins Sandy and Mandy, born at the Dublin Zoo in 2004.

Whipsnade Zoo, UK

Detroit Zoo, February 2011

Berry and Ta Shi, six-month old red panda cubs at the Detroit Zoo

that the best part of winter is catching snowflakes on their tongues.
Detroit Zoo, January 12, 2011

A sharp-eyed visitor to the Milwaukee Zoo last week caught red panda Genghis on the prowl for poultry.

He was actually eating a bird carcass. Even though pandas are known to be omnivores, it surprises me that he would be able to catch a bird in the exhibit.

On August 20 U-Haul announced the release of 1,900 new 10-foot and 14-foot moving vans showcasing a newly discovered species of ancient red panda. The company’s newest SuperGraphic also honors Tennessee’s Gray Fossil Site, which is home to the world’s most complete red panda (Pristinailurus bristoli) fossil. Scientists have uncovered more than 10,000 specimens at the Gray Fossil Site, including rhinos, elephants, alligators and camels—all preserved in an ancient sinkhole created by an underground cave that collapsed more than five million years ago.

Shama moves her cub, whose two-week birthday falls tomorrow. More than ten years have passed since the last red panda was born at Washington’s National Zoo. Fewer than 2,500 remain in the wild.