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Andy’s choice for Red Panda of the Year

West Village, NYC

Bastille Day + 1, Zoo de Lille, France

Zhen Zhen, San Diego Zoo

Detail, “Pandita” by Enemy Dolls

Acrylic on sunglasses, 2006

Opening scene of the kung-fu spectacle “Shi Cha Hai,” produced by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports. More than 10 national and world martial arts champions perform in the all star cast.

The story of “Shi Cha Hai” follows two young Westerners who journey to Beijing after watching the film “Kung Fu Panda,” hoping to become the panda’s apprentice.

Red panda twins Sandy and Mandy, born at the Dublin Zoo in 2004.

Whipsnade Zoo, UK

Maine Coon Cat, incognito