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Andy is unfamiliar with the genre “De Jin Culture,” but suspects that ignorance is bliss.

A sharp-eyed visitor to the Milwaukee Zoo last week caught red panda Genghis on the prowl for poultry.

He was actually eating a bird carcass. Even though pandas are known to be omnivores, it surprises me that he would be able to catch a bird in the exhibit.

New Funnies #66 cover art featuring Andy Panda drawn by Carl Barks, August 1942

Shanghai, China

Beijing Zoo

Every night this week, Channel Five in the UK broadcasts a new episode of wildlife presenter Nigel Marven’s Panda Week. Marven visits China’s Chengdu Breeding Center, seeks out giant pandas and red pandas in the bamboo forests of central China, and pays a visit to pandas born in captivity at the San Diego Zoo.

Find more information here; if you live in the UK you will also be able to view the episodes broadcast so far.