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On August 20 U-Haul announced the release of 1,900 new 10-foot and 14-foot moving vans showcasing a newly discovered species of ancient red panda. The company’s newest SuperGraphic also honors Tennessee’s Gray Fossil Site, which is home to the world’s most complete red panda (Pristinailurus bristoli) fossil. Scientists have uncovered more than 10,000 specimens at the Gray Fossil Site, including rhinos, elephants, alligators and camels—all preserved in an ancient sinkhole created by an underground cave that collapsed more than five million years ago.

It’s as hot today at Andy’s seaside retreat in Maine as it is in NYC!

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2010 Egyptian advert for Panda Cheese

Payroll, a gritty 1961 UK crime melodrama directed by Sidney Hayers, would seem to be an unpromising candidate for a panda cameo. Billie Whitelaw dominates the picture, not as a criminal but as vengeful bystander Jackie Parker. Parker’s husband, an armored car driver, is killed during a carefully orchestrated robbery. The police have an idea of who’s responsible, but they lack proof. On her own, Parker goes after the suspects one by one, using psychological torture (phone calls, poison pen letters) to break them down. But twenty-odd minutes into the story, the plot softens:

Logo for women’s sports teams, Edmonton, Canada

Su Lin celebrated her birthday on Monday, August 2 at the San Diego Zoo.

This free bus—named ‘Ning Ning’—runs in the Asakusa Temple district of Tokyo. It connects the Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park with the water bus stop by the Azumabashi Bridge on the Sumida River.

Fully equipped with panda ears atop each seat back.

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2009 UK advert for Fox’s Biscuits