September 2009 Archives

Rock on

  21 09 2009

gp_rockhorse.jpg Horsing around on a lazy summer day.

Two down, one to go

  17 09 2009


Mei Lan takes a breather whilst blowing out her bamboo birthday candles at Zoo Atlanta.

This is a stickup

  08 09 2009


Breaking: Bank-robber fashion boutique opens in gift shop at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Zoo.

Oh, zzz-nap!

  04 09 2009


Yang Yang takes time out from munching ‘boo at the Atlanta Zoo. (Note the leaf crumb in his belly fur.)

gp_panting_800.jpg One of ten giant pandas at the Chime-Long Safari Park “World Class Tourist Kingdom,” Guangzhou, China.

Red is 'boo-tiful

  01 09 2009

rp_woodlandpark_1sept09800.jpg Summer ‘boo break at the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle.